Tuesday, 12 April 2011

i havent writen to u guys in ageeees i have been reading everything and i used to pester on about how i was nearly 13 and hope u give me presents and stuff and im sorry :) i am now nearly 17. I am in first year college and its hard but hamdillah im doing okay. I do Drama, Media, Film studies and Psychology all A levels. I thought i would update this because i am bored as usual. I am really annoyed though because of Gaddafi he needs to die ASAP i wish i was in Libya fighting next to the Freedom fighters. Oh and yes i am now a uncle to the most beautiful baby in the world his name is Bilal and hes 1 of them babies u just really want to eat. He is now 3 months and mashallah he is a very good boy he doesnt pester his mum much even though i want him to haha. :P.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


i am gonna share some pictures of bosnia bosnia was wicked i have to say it was brilliant we had such a good time all of us especially me al hamdulillah. If any of use have the chance to go go trust me it is exelent it is so cool this picture we were driving for quite some time this is up in a mountain it was so nice to relax a bit.

and this is another picture of a mountain it was brill i loved this place because this place is were there was a massive water fall we were looking down at the waterfall tho .All of us were like subhanallah then we went back into our car after a few minuits or so. all of us were looking everywere coz u just se mountains its not like here but the weather was so hot we were burning.

this is how it looked like in the car the drive was proper scary non of us liked it i was sayin the shaheda lol but it was a brilliant journey in the van we were all playing games to stop thinking about the roads so we played stop the bus my adult freind had some paper and 2 pens me and her played while the others listend to the ipod and played games on the phone.

This isnt the place were the waterfall is this was just somewere we stoped so we could eat very nice place we stoped her for like 3 hours alot isnt it but it was fun the water was freezing very cold we ate different foods ther was someone in the group who is bangali and u know how they are famous for fish i got fish and she got chicken i went up 2 her and sed let us swap and she said ok i love fish i sed i dont like it.

this is a mini water fall not a big 1 i tuck this photo its nice isnt it lol. this is the part were i really wanted to jump in becaust this was very nice it was cool everyone dipped ther feet in because that day was a very hot day.

i will tell u more about bosnia soon after the coments come in.


Thursday, 19 July 2007


i came back from bosnia hamsillah it was great im at my cuzains house taking care of me

im goin now seeya


Sunday, 15 July 2007

salaam ppl i havnt been typing to u guys coz im in bosnia such a very nice country u guys should go some time it is so nice and i am enjoying it so much hamdullah.

salaam ppl


white african i miss u alot

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

omg i am so bored and tired im at school and were doing the most boring stuff ever and after that we can email our friends but the hole thing is borind i want to do something fun lol.

so im going now to be more bored lol

so salaam hope ur not bored

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

look at all these apples can u imagine having these apples. thers probably a apple driving because look how many there is lol. if it was bananas insted of apples my sis would like this pic even more lol. because when ever i say to her this is when i was small i say to her wat r we eating today and she goes bananas when i say were are we going she says banana land lol i really enjoyed my birthday and thanks for the people who comented.
eat more chikin i hat laham meat i only like chikin but this is funny just laghe and il go to the other pic.
i bet u cant scare me if u can scare me ill give u a million pound but if u cant i get to kick u up and u can go scream to mummy.lol
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my finger is stuck up my nose and in my eye lol this is so nasty errrrrrrr can u imagine the site its like when my sister was holding a knife but the other way this is when she was like 12 and she fell and the knife went in her eye ouch next pic.
its a shark and a cat wat animal is this lets run it crazy weird looking ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol yhis is a weird pic and funny but i cant say nuthing about this pic my head is out of ideas but im goin know.

salaam everyone.

Saturday, 12 May 2007


i have put so many pictures up today because it is saturday and people need a good lagh now and than so i have put loads on this is one of the pictures that anglo gave me he is so kind but anyway this pic is so cute lol how many are ther i have counted 11 lol.
lol this pic makes me lagh my head off lol it is a baby with a massive dummy and the dummy is aloud of teeth lol it just makes me lagh like the other one below lol time for the next pic.
lol its the biggest teeth in the world its another dummy and very funny like the other one this is one of the most funny pic i have lol this is the most uglyeist beby lol only jokin cute awww time for the next pic.

were do bebys come from from plant pots lol aww look how many there is im not gonna count them lol.
look at the chinese kid right at the front he looks sad waaaaaaaaaa lol time for next pic.

it is a dead mouse the mouse on the keebored is dead but not mine's ok hamdulallah lol i cant say much about this pic all i can say is bones bones and bones again lol lets go to the other pic now.
yh allah im sorry for wat i have done i will not do it again lol its a cat makind duah lol im sorry im very sorry but im a cute cat arnt i awwwwwwwww look at its little paw and its standing on two legs lol i dont know were i get these pics but they are funny time for next pic.
this is so stupid they could have made it easy lol actually i think it was hard but the mouse bit into it i think thats wat it looks like lol u know wat its time for now next pic.
supermouse let me help all the people who are in trouble and need help lol.
all these pics i got from the enternet except the ones that anglo gave me this mouse could be protecting its self from the nasty and evil cat who wants to grab it and wrip its guts out lol but thats it i have finished inshallah i will get more and i hope u will lagh and lagh all day

salaam lol